Unbindable: Ebooks Strengthen The Independence Of Authors

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In case you missed it in the run-up to this week’s Virginia Festival Of The Book, here’s a link to my guest column “Unbindable: Ebooks Strengthen The Independence Of Authors” from the Sunday, March 17 print edition of the Charlottesville Daily Progress newspaper.             http://www.dailyprogress.com/opinion/guest_columnists/unbindable-e-books-strengthen-the-independence-of-authors/article_04893900-8fde-11e2-ac27-001a4bcf6878.html

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Oil and Feathers


–From The Wall Street Journal by Hannah Karp– Until recently, falconry—the ancient art of hunting small game with trained birds of prey—was just a hobby for Michael Gregston, who makes a living leading canoe trips down the Missouri River. But to supplement his income, he has been toting four of his rare hawks and falcons in the bitter cold to an unusual destination for a bird enthusiast: an oil refinery. “The battle begins when the sun goes down,” said Mr. …

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Directions For Disassembly Of an Old Set Of Swings…. Short short story now on Kindle


Christmas collides with unspeakable tragedy in “Directions For Disassembly Of An Old Set Of Swings.” Now available as a Kindle book.   Preview: It will have to be in winter, one of those bright frozen days when your wife is off volunteering at the hospital and the neighbor will let you borrow his pickup so you can carry the pieces to the dump. The old swings will be hard to pry from the earth at first; they will have stood in …

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Spy Vultures?

Spy Vulture

Today’s UK Telegraph carries an interesting article about a claim by Sudanese officials to have  captured a vulture equipped with Israeli aerial surveillance technology. The Israelis say the camera gear is merely part of a project to study vulture migration patterns. Whatever the truth, the idea of spy vultures raises some interesting issues. In addition to all of the drones flying around in Daniel Suarez’s new Sci-Fi novel KILL DECISION, the main character employs ravens outfitted with cameras to provide real time …

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