Pavlicek Returns


They say you should always remember your roots. I’m excited about my new Dragonflies series and some other projects I have in the works (more on those soon) but my roots in writing will always go back, in large part, to A Witness Above and the Frank Pavlicek series—now five books and counting. Some have been wondering what’s happened to Frank and Jake and Nicole. Well, they’re back, and I’m thrilled to announce I’ve agreed to a deal with paperback …

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Dragonflies for Film/TV

Straka DRAGONFLIES E-book Cover Final

I’m excited to announce the Dragonflies series has been optioned by Beautiful Feet Productions with a teleplay based on book 1 completed by screenwriter Durrell Bennett Nelson. Look for book 2 in the ebook series coming later this year.

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Is it a duck? Is it a drone? No, it’s robobird.

festo bird

What next? URGENT NOTE TO LONGWING FALCONERS. A new mini-drone created by researchers is already blending with nature so effectively it is fooling even keen-sighted natural predators. Better keep a sharp eye out next time you fly your falcon after winged prey. You and your bird might be catching more than you bargained for. (See Below From The Washington Times) A robotic bird created for the U.S. Army for use as a miniature spy drone is so convincing that it …

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Watch History Being Made

X-47B drone-night-1024x738

Every now and then a seminal event arrives without much notice by the public. What has been occurring this past week aboard the aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush in the Pacific Ocean may well qualify as such an occurrence. For the first time ever an unmanned or “drone”-type fighter-size aircraft, Northop’s X-47B,  is being launched and test-landed on an aircraft carrier at sea. Anyone even remotely familiar with US foreign policy over the past 50 years, our projection of …

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    Straka DRAGONFLIES E-book Cover Final
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