Internet Sneak Attack

A few months back I blogged about the UN’s attempted takeover of the Internet and why I think all writers and artists, not just big corporations like Google and Facebook, should be ardently opposing these efforts.

Today is “cyber Monday,” online retailers answer to Black Friday. How ironic then that yesterday’s Wall Street Journal weekend edition carried yet another great column by L. Gordon Crovitz about the issue with even more detail about how Russian, China, Iran, and several Arab states continue lobbying the UN’s ¬†International Telegraph Union, a pre-Internet relic, to allow them to impose international taxes and employ other more direct means of censorship. Next week brings the Wold Telecom Conference in Dubai. Find the US State Department’s fact sheet about the upcoming conference here.

I’ve written the Author’s Guild in New York and I urge all other artists and writers to contact their respective organizations about the matter. We all need to stay tuned.





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