Directions For Disassembly Of an Old Set Of Swings…. Short short story now on Kindle

Christmas collides with unspeakable tragedy in “Directions For Disassembly Of An Old Set Of Swings.”

Now available as a Kindle book.



It will have to be in winter, one of those bright frozen days when your wife is off volunteering at the hospital and the neighbor will let you borrow his pickup so you can carry the pieces to the dump. The old swings will be hard to pry from the earth at first; they will have stood in the same corner of the yard for years. A decade or more may have passed since the shootings. Some will have tried to forget. You will need a pitchfork and a shovel, and most of all a willingness to stare straight at rememberings. The sun will warm the back of your neck as you start to sweat in the cold morning air….





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