Pavlicek Series

Cold Quarry

Cold Quarry

In the skies over West Virginia, an invisible predator hunts its prey. When friend and master falconer Chester Carew is found dead in the woods, private investigator Frank Pavlicek doesn’t buy the official report of an accidental shooting. The trail leads to a shadowy group of domestic terrorists—and to Frank’s former NYPD partner, Jake Toronto, who is accused of being involved with their plot. To prove Jake’s innocence, Frank will have to trap the real killers before they can carry …

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A Witness Above


The first book in the popular Frank Pavlicek series. Falconer and private investigator Frank Pavlicek is hunting with his red-tailed hawk in the Virginia woods when he stumbles across a young man’s body and evidence that implicates his own teenage daughter. Soon, his daughter is in jail. Frank’s past as a disgraced former NYPD homicide detective is coming back to haunt him. And his reputation and life are on the line…. *Attention: coming fall 2011 – “Adult Fiction for Teens” …

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A Killing Sky


When her twin sister, Cartwright, disappears, Cassidy Drummond can’t help wondering if her father a congressman known as much for his philandering as for his politics—has something to do with it. Desperate and deeply frightened, she turns to Frank Pavlicek for help. But Frank isn’t convinced it’s foul play. And soon the falconer is following a treacherous trail of family secrets and scandal to the most dangerous discovery of all the truth…. “The book’s title [A Killing Sky] comes from …

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This novella was adapted from a short story originally published under a different title as part of an anthology. For any previous readers, please forgive the literary license takenas to time, place, and additional characters. “How do the birds make great sky circles … They fall and falling they are given wings.” -Jalal Rumi The day Jake Toronto triggered the downfall of a cable TV network, I was in my office thinking about my upcoming vacation. My suitcase, …

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