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With all the discussion and disagreement in writing circles these days, one thing remains clear. The book publishing landscape continues to change. It’s my good fortune to have been published by a large New York house. My print books have also been published and continue to be published by fantastic smaller presses. But I was even more fortunate to reacquire the rights to my award-winning Frank Pavlicek private eye novels before ebooks began to take over a sizeable percentage of …


  2015 New Year Greetings! Thanks so much for visiting my site. For those new to my work, I write books with an eye toward turbulence and murder, including the Shamus Award-winning Frank Pavlicek private eye novels. The sixth book in the Pavlicek series, The K Street Hunting Society, is now out in both paperback and ebook. Look for the next full-length Pavlicek novel, Talon Dancer, in Spring 2016. Coming in 2015 will be the long-awaited next installment in the Dragonflies series, …


Robot raptors take flight.

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Not to be outdone, Google is getting into the game of drones, too. GOOGLE DRONES  


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